With no hint of it in the family genes, I seem to have stumbled from one petrol-fuelled hobby to another over the years. Along the way, it appears I've earned a living driving, riding, photographing or writing about cars and bikes. I collected a couple of pots too! Almost by accident (well, several, actually!) I somehow become one of those fortunates who has earned a crust doing something he enjoys. Well, most of the time anyway.

It didn't start out like that. I got a proper job, just like my dad told me. Then I went back to college, mixed with "the wrong sorts of people" and it went downhill from there. I never looked back.

KN Le Mans lt
These days I attend race meetings as a Technical Commissioner, which is just a fancy name for guy with paperwork. I check all the racing folk have the right kind of clothing and the right kind of engines and are not trying to cheat.
mug lt
So basically I just get in everyone's way, but it keeps me off the streets.