"I believe that there are places in the world where one’s heart feels at home. They are not necessarily the places where we are born, or even those we are familiar with. But we know them intuitively the first time we set foot there and are never quite the same again."our house
These words were written by Marissa Roth, a photographer. I encountered a wonderful book of hers, entitled “Burning Heart, a portrait of the Philippines.” With beautiful and tragic imagery, it painted her views and thoughts of her first encounter with the Philippines and its extraordinary people. Her simple words, above, completely encapsulated my thoughts about my first few weeks in the Philippines, and particularly the area that has now become my second home. If you’ve read any Carlos Castaneda, you’ll know about Places of Power. I’ve found one of mine here.
Here I have found tranquility alongside the simple farmers tending their crops, feeding their goats.
They have a wealth and a power I will never be able to equal, for all my worldly goods.