Some of my favourites
How amazing! In those far off days, you could earn money just by taking pictures. Black and white was the preferred medium, and it was great when you got it right. Offices in Fleet Street working with the likes of Vic Barnes and top members of the freeloaders club. I learnt all I know from them, and what an education it was!

Kevin Schwantz

Saloons, Mallory Park.jpg

Saloons - Mallory Park

Rob McElnea Donington.jpg

Rob McElnea

Niki Lauda.jpg

Niki Lauda

Kurt Nichol.jpg

Kurt Nichol

Jody Scheckter.jpg

Jody Scheckter

Formula Atlantic, Brand Hatch.jpg

Formula Atlantic - Brands

Formula 5000, Brands Hatch.jpg

Formula 5000 - Brands

Chairs, Lydden.jpg

Chairs - Lydden Hill

Ayrton Senna.jpg

Ayrton Senna

Mick Doohan.jpg

Mick Doohan