I met up with some guys who were just leaving the Royal Artillery Display Team, the Red Helmets.
stunt 1
With help from friends in the motorcycle industry and their retired Sergeant Major Tom Gledhill, the team came together.
stunt 3
For reasons that escape me now, we were called the Magnificent Seven Stunt Team, the reality being that we always needed a minimum of eight riders to perform the speeded-up army routines that became our trademark.
stunt 6
As a touring outfit we went out across the United Kingdom and Europe.
stunt 2
Motorcycle jumping was the big thing at the time and our top jumper, Robin Winter Smith, got in the Guinness Book of Records for an amazing ramp-to-ground jump in 1978.
stunt 4
Some of the team performed stunt riding for a movie and we seemed to gain a lot of high-profile friends.
stunt 5
We had a fabulous week-long engagement on the Isle of Man during TT week, which went down a storm.
stunt 7
Unfortunately, soon after that, Rob perished trying to better his record.  Having lost another member, Alan Garrett, only the year before, I lost the stomach for this kind of madness.
stunt 8
Some of the guys carried on for a while afterwards but I lost contact with them all.
me and team
After featuring this story on my site, some of them got in touch! Old stories re-told, with much banter!